Little Pigs

This project was created when studying the body in motion. It consisted of a blocking and spline stage of a scene in Little Pigs.

“Animation means to invoke life, not to imitate it” —Chuck Jones

Using Autodesk Maya, we explored pose construction (gesture),

drawn tests of positioning character into poses

and explored movement
(the animated gesture) in order to effectively communicate through an animated performance. The goal of this assessment was to use the animation training character (ATC) that course provided to create a full and flowing animation showing clear control over line-of-action, balance, and a clear punctuation of timing in order to illustrate a deeper understanding of human motion perception and basic acting skills.

I started this project by recording myself at different angles to get the timing right and to better understand the laws of physics and how it effects the movement of the body. The blocking stage came next and after being reviewed by peers and instructor we are able to move on to the spline stage.


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