Using adobe animate to create character movement within green screen to removed later on

This group assessment’s aim was to create an animation that incorporate visual depictions of our local environment. We brainstormed together, with Hyun Jee creating the storyboard ,then split the group work between the 4 members. I was given
the task to compile the background scene on Premiere Pro. Then once the egg character was created on flash by Amy, I was to remove the green screen and stabilise the egg to move with the video in the back using Adobe After Effects. 

Tracking and stabilising character to background

I was then given the task to added the extras around the animation including the life bar, feathers (drawn by Amy), start button and credits. The animation was then handed over to Hyun Jee to add extra animated features to the film to help make the movement look smoother. Finally, the sound and presentation was given to Cindy, our final team member. 


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