Dystopian World

CGI is often used to create environments that cannot exist, do not exist or are hard to replicate with other mediums. CGI is one way to explore the representation of the absurd, the surreal or the impossible and is often more able to portray this due to the infinite possibilities of the medium.

The CGI course provided us with 2 assessments; an individual and a group. Both projects were tailored to the given theme of Dystopia. We were to model, texture, UV, light and render a single still image (one scene, one camera) ensuring that all elements are integrated well.

Individual project

For the first project, I chose to create a dystopia that focuses on a system that strips individuals of their freedom. A world that provides a complete lack of privacy leads to the downfall of personal choice, say and creativity. Fear would take over our senses as we are succumbed to one’s control through surveillance. My scene consists of metal walls which hold the people in the ruler’s world and restricts people’s movement and knowledge about the outside. The world is created to replicate the outside but is solely created by metals and irons for easy installation of the surveillance cameras. This also creates a space that is difficult to hide from one’s view.

Initial lighting test of render

In the second assessment, my partner, Aria Shi, and I combined my idea of surveillance and hers of living in a state of repetition. We called it The Locked Clock and it consisted of the government deciding the way you live your life. You are restricted from freedom as you are constantly watched and have to live a life of repetition. Below is the 3D building before render.



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